Ileen Macpherson Trust Application


The Ileen Macpherson Trust was established in 1987 from the estate of a great Australian Anthroposophist who died in 1984. Ileen Macpherson was the third child of a family of six children. Her parents were graziers in Balnarald, NSW.

After the death of her father, Ileen and her mother moved to live in Melbourne where she became very involved in Anthroposophy. She ventured into market gardening on an eleven acre block near Dandenong using the Biodynamic method, thus becoming the first B.D. gardener in Victoria.

This venture came to an end when Ileen developed a degenerative disease of the bone marrow and spent half her long life in a wheelchair. She was a good listener and helped many people. A keen observer, inspired by nature around her, never complaining about herself, she loved Art, Poetry and music. Her favourite book was Dr Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom’. Her living example of the saying that ‘Suffering frees the Soul to be strengthened by the Spirit’.

Ileen’s work for Anthroposophy continues through the work of the trust.

From the interest on an investment capital of under $300,000, the trust has distributed $600,000 to expanding the work of Anthroposophy in Australia since its inception in 1987.



The Trustees shall apply the Trust fund in or towards the promotion, study and dissemination of Anthroposophy in Australia in accordance with the principles defined and taught by the Austrian educationalist, Rudolf Steiner.

The income of the Trust fund shall be distributed only in Australia.

If any person wishes to support this Trust, their donation will support Anthroposophic youth and initiative, and help Anthroposophy in Australia.

The Trust will consider the donor’s wish to support or sponsor a specific project or any initiative in an Anthroposophical endeavour.

Contact details for Trust solicitors are available on request.


All correspondence to be addressed to:

Chairperson, Rose Nekvapil
14/562 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000

The trustees are:

Rose Nekvapil (Chairperson)
Kelly Armstrong (Secretary)
Tao bak (Treasurer)
Jennifer West
Angelo Iezzi

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If you need any assistance, or for any queries, please contact:

Angelo Iezzi
0411 108 051 

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